Friday, August 22, 2014


I hate iTunes 11...

Bring me back iTunes 10. They fooled me once - I updated to 11 when it first came out, and within 3 hours I had that sucker uninstalled and had 10 loaded on again. Until now.

Seems I needed to upgrade my mac system software up a couple notches so that I could stay Adobe CC compatible with some remote location colleagues (I am NOT on Mavericks yet - when the reviews are evenly split between 5 star and 1 star, with hardly any 4,3, or 2 stars, I know something's up). So when I updated the system software it secretly snuck that damn iTunes 11 in there, after 2 years of keeping it at bay.

I'm not 14 years old. I don't need my computer programs to look like my iPhone, only bigger and clunkier. I make a lot of mixes for people, for parties, get togethers, compilations, and the main feature was to have separate playlist windows open so that I could mix and match/make sure I had no duplications/swap songs with relative ease.  GONE.

Coverflow, GONE

I used to be able to collapse the full view window the mini viewer with the click of a button. GONE. To get the mini player now you have to hold down 3 or 4 keys to get it to appear, and then it floats around on the screen while your redundant main redundant window is redundantly still open with all the same redundant controls as the mini player.  STUPID.

That's enough bitching for now.  WTF, Apple???

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Smackiepipe said...

I hate this blog entry. I was just pissed. It doesn't say much, but I was pissed, and nobody reads this crap anyway.